Monday, November 27, 2006

An early Advent

Liam's school had their Advent Spiral this morning. I have never stayed for the ceremony before, mostly because the youngest does not do well with that whole sit still and be quiet thing. So this morning, we decided to give it a shot and hang around. It truly was beautiful to watch.

The parents entered the gym first to sit in chairs near the exit, and it was dark except for sparse candles lit on a few tables surrounding a spiral path made from pine branches. Star symbols were laid out on the floor along the spiral at regular intervals. At the center of the spiral was another small table with a candle lit. The children entered the room and sat in chairs across from the spiral. One by one, they were led to a table to get an unlit candle and then through the spiral to the center. There they lit the candle from the already lit one and then proceeded back through the spiral. The child would place their candle on one of the stars as they headed back out. As each child proceeded through the spiral, the light grew. All the while, a few of the moms and the music teacher sang songs related to Advent. Surprisingly, the youngest was quiet and managed to talk in only a whisper while he watched the other children move through the spiral.

It is going to be time to start changing our nature table to reflect the change in the season now that the spiral is done...though Advent doesn't truly begin until this coming Sunday. For now, I just need to get through today (I have to teach tonight, and I'm not completely comfortable with the material yet) and Wednesday (again with the teaching, but an easier topic). The rest of the week should be a cakewalk.

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