Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rite of passage

I've officially crossed the 100 post mark thanks to NaBloPoMo! At this point, there should be some kind of ticker tape or balloons or strippers or something. Hell, I haven't even got any pictures from today to show at all. Sad, ain't it?

Here I thought I left my camera at home....but I actually had it with me all afternoon at the Children's Festival. So, no pictures.

After having to get up at 5 am, today didn't start out so red hot, as there were some issues at the test I was proctoring, but once I got to the festival, it all ironed itself out. It seems that the festival was a pretty big success, but since I was manning the handwork table, I didn't get to see any of it. A few of the dolls sold (and someone I know bought the one with the braids, which makes me really happy) as did some of the wool angels I made. The gal who coordinates the school store bought the rest of my wool angels and the other small terry doll, and asked if I could make more. She was also interested in the doll that had sold and wanted to chat about it next week. So I might be able to make some things to sell in the school store. Yippee! I get to help the school (and us) while doing something I enjoy. What's not to like?

The boys arrived with hubby's parents about the same time we did, and they did get to do a few things before heading out to get Jonah a nap. They enjoyed a puppet show, the enchanted wishing boat, and the balloon elf. I didn't get to hear everything they did, as it was busy at our table. One of my friends from school even came with her friend, so they had the opportunity to see our "hippy" school. It was a pleasant surprise to see them, and I think they were impressed.

It feels good to be home now, and I'm planning on taking tomorrow to catch up on things. I'm so behind in everything else at the moment. I think sleep is the first place I'm going to start.

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