Saturday, November 04, 2006

Is there such a thing as too tired to knit?

My husband has asked me this question on more than one occasion...and when I'm sick he will ask if there's such a thing as too sick to knit. The latter, I am certain of. The former, not so sure. I will say that I'm pretty tired considering the 9 hours of sleep in two days I've got going on (which might seem like not too bad to some folks for but someone like two days I'd much rather be working on at least 16-20 hours total sleep). I'm stressed out at the moment and feeling the need to knit...but at the same time, I'm afraid if I cast on it will be a recipe for disaster. Maybe what I should do is go down and work on the bag of frog pond stuff that needs ripping, as that's probably what I'd end up doing anyway if I tried to cast on for anything.

What will our heroine do? Stay tuned...

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