Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Feeling the time crunch

Only a few more days until the Children's Festival at the school, and I'm nowhere near ready. Ugh. I finished a couple more things today, but I still have so much more in progress and other things that I have yet to start. To top it off, it looks like I'll be teaching tomorrow night, so that eats up my evening completely. Everything really needs to be done by Friday night, as setup is first thing Saturday morning. I have to be in Warren early, so I won't have time to get too much done. So Thursday is crunch day. Might have to employ some babysitting help...oh, and the house has gone to the dogs....and the cats....and the kids....and the dishes! Yipe!

Maybe I'll have time to grab some pictures tomorrow of more of the things that I have managed to complete. We'll see!

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